Project Description

  • This ship is built in 2001 at Pattje Shipyard Waterhuizen, the Netherlands.
  • In 2005 Steenstra Shipping added this ship to his fleet, to extend their possibilities in the short sea market.
  • Our Hendrik-S is optimized for the trade on the Saimaa area (Finland) and also for the Trollhätan Canal up to Lake Vä (Sweden)
  • Due to the fact that Hendrik-S is equipped with full tweendeck and high permissible tanktop/hatch load they can perform any project cargo. Tweendeck can be used for bulkheads as well.

Combined with a high volume capacity this ship (and this serie) has proven to be a real general cargo ship.

  • Taken into account that Hendrik-S has highest iceclass 1A, our ship can bring your cargo at any destination during any season…