Project Description

  • This ship is designed by the Steenstra Family itself and built in 1997 at Peters Shipyard, the Netherlands.
  • Elisabeth-S is suitable for navigating at sea, on the river Rhine, most Dutch inland waterways, the Seine and most important on the Albert Canal.
  • This unique concept is the result of many years trading at the special waterway which connect the Belgian Industry at Liege with mainport Antwerp. The so-called Albert Canal.

Due to the combined facts of experience, characteristics of inland combined with sea navigation, and the previous performance of the Steenstra family, the outcome is this specialized ship.

  • Under all circumstances the Elisabeth-S has proven to be the number one shipper of all goods from Liege to sea.
  • Already over 20 years the Elisabeth-S has an outstanding performance with a weekly schedule of Liege – Boston (UK) and this still continues…
  • Many years the Elisabeth-S performed an excellent roundtrip with steel coils from Liege to UK, and load slurry of china clay back to the Albert Canal.

This concept was figured out by Steenstra itself, by an innovative concept of a stainless steel tank which was placed in the middle section of the strengthened cargo hold of the Elisabeth-S, so they could load steel coils for and aft, and on the way back load slurry in this tank. In this way they could optimize the Elisabeth-S to her full capabilities.

This tank was made de-mountable and is still available. The carrying of this tank is possible for each ship of Steenstra Shipping.